Continuing Professional Education plays an important role in making sure that your CPA skills and credentials are up to date, but finding a CPE platform that fits your needs can sometimes feel frustrating or overwhelming. Using a CPE comparison website to see the features and benefits of multiple continuing education programs side-by-side is a great way to find a platform that is the best fit for you. Before you start comparing CPE programs, spend a few minutes identifying your needs in the following three areas:


Finding a CPE program that has an engaging, accredited curriculum in the content areas you need for your continuing education and certification is undeniably the most important factor in finding the platform that is right for you. In order for a program to be a good match, a CPE platform should offer all of the courses you need, taught by qualified instructors, so you don’t find yourself having to jump between multiple platforms to complete your training. 

Before choosing a CPE program, assess your particular professional needs, such as state-specific ethics courses or micro certifications, and compare them to the courses offered. Finding a program that offers readily-accessible course ratings and reviews can also help you determine if it offers the content and curriculum you need.


The right CPE program for you will offer quality content at a reasonable price. If cost is a significant factor for you, finding the least expensive CPE program may be tempting, but if the platform you choose doesn’t offer the content and type of curriculum you need, it’s still not a good value. Be aware that some programs may have a less expensive introductory price than others, but ultimately require costly upgrades for full access to all the courses you need. Finding a CPE platform with a free trial and a reasonable refund period is another way to feel more confident in the program you choose.

Comparison Sites Can Help

Finding an online CPE platform can be a hassle, but using an online comparison site to find a program that aligns with your priorities and needs can make the process much easier. Once you’ve found a quality program that offers quality content in an accessible and affordable platform, however, you’ll be able to feel confident that you have access to the courses you need for your ongoing professional development and certification.