Most CPA professionals who need Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits to maintain their licenses don’t intend to wait until the last minute to earn the credits they need. Yet even the best-laid plans of gradually earning CPE over the course of the year can be disrupted by busy seasons and unexpected events at work and home.

If you are one of the many professionals who have found themselves needing to earn a significant amount of CPE in the final quarter of the year, there’s no need for stress. There are many ways you can earn professional education credits quickly and efficiently.

1. Participate in Live Webinars

Many CPE platforms offer regularly-scheduled live webinars so you can steadily accrue professional education credits throughout the month. Some companies, such as, even offer one to three free webinars each week. Blocking off your calendar for one or more of these live webinars every week will help you quickly obtain the credits you need.

2. Attend a Conference

Attending a virtual or in-person professional development conference can be a great way to earn a lot of CPE credits in a short period of time. Many conferences offer 10-20 credits, or sometimes even more, in a 1-3 day span. The AICPA (Association of International Certified Professional Accounts) has a great list of upcoming conferences on their website that makes it easy to find one that matches your professional education needs as well as your schedule.

3. Choose On-Demand Courses

If a busy schedule with no signs of slowing down is one of the primary reasons you’ve been struggling to earn many CPE credits so far this year, on-demand courses are likely a good fit for you. Choosing a CPE provider that offers a large catalog of on-demand courses, as well as a mobile friendly-platform, such as CCH CPELink and Illumeo, will help you make the most of your free moments to work on your professional education.

Incorporating one or more of these methods for continuing professional education can help you get the credits you need before the end of the year. For more assistance in finding CPE options that are the right fit for you, check out the CPE for CPA comparison grid on the CPE-Compare website.