Shift Your Mindset on CPE for Accountants

October 13, 2021

When it comes to CPE, accountants are in a tough spot. Unlike other professionals who have the luxury of choosing when to complete CPE, CPAs are tasked with getting their credits within a certain time period or risk losing their certification.

This is problematic for many reasons: 

  • Classes or certifications can be time-consuming and expensive
  • You never know what subject matter will be covered
  • Sometimes you have to sit through material that has nothing at all to do with your job
  • You have to juggle between work, life, and completing the CPE
  • There’s a cap on tuition reimbursement from your employer

This is why many people view CPE as just an obligation that needs to get done rather than enjoy it. But it doesn’t have to be. What you need to do is see completing your CPE as an investment. If it’s an investment, you can measure the return on that investment and know that you’re building an asset, which is your knowledge and expertise.

Here’s what can happen when you shift your mindset on CPE as an investment rather than an obligation:

An addition to your career and not as something to hold you back.

You can then apply yourself and perform better, which will increase the value of the investment, and the return on investment (ROI) will be more significant for you and those around you.  This will lead to greater happiness and the feeling that your career is going in the right direction.

You will also learn more because you are putting a positive spin on something that sometimes feels like a burden.

Make better decisions.

You will only be able to do this if you invest in yourself. Opening yourself up for new opportunities and experiences can help you determine where your limits lie with work and family obligations.

This means that by putting time into completing your CPE, it could very well be that you can say no to taking on another project or task after your day is done.

Discover what type of work better suits your needs and desires.

You may determine a change in your life plans through CPE because you realize you need to go another direction in your career. 

Through CPE, you may discover what type of work is best suited for your personality and your interests, which will lead to greater contentment at the end of the day.

Become better and more valuable.

As you develop new skills and expertise, your value to your employer will increase which can lead to more promotional opportunities to even starting your own business.  You can invest in yourself again with CPE because it is one of those financial vehicles where the return is almost guaranteed. Plus, it’s a way to get excited about the work that you do by educating yourself.

By changing your mindset on completing your CPE as an accountant from an obligation to investing, you will be able to see the benefits and enjoy learning in your accounting career.