CPA CPE Platform Reviews

Looking for the “just-right” CPA CPE platform?

All CPAs need Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits if they want to stay a CPA, as all 50 states require a certain number of credits to remain active! There’s just no getting around it, and, when you think about it, it’s certainly for the good of everyone — you, your company, and your clients. That’s because things change very quickly, and it’s all too easy to get out of touch with the latest laws and regulations — which in turn sets you and your company or clients up for some truly nasty surprises if you’re not on top of things.

So that’s where CPA CPE comes in. And if you’re going to have to do it (and do a lot of it – like 40 hours a year on average), you might as well find a great place to do it. A place where you get the learning you need while earning the CPE you need. Having one without the other seems like an awful waste.

We’re here to help you find that “just right” CPE for CPAs solution. Whether you’re an individual, an audit/tax firm, or a corporate accounting or audit organization, you and/or your employees need this. They need great training; they need CPE credit; they might need team management and reporting; and they may need a host of other features that make this part of your job easier. See the reviews below for help.

Becker - The Best


Offers 650+ on-demand courses.
Multiple webinars offered on various topics.
Solid mobile platform to earn CPE on the go.
Compliance tracker included at all levels.


Most courses are simply repurposed webinars.
No instructor interaction for courses.
All Access subscription is costly ($699).
Only 4 Certification programs available.

Illumeo - Best Overall


Offering 1700+ on-demand courses.
Instructor interaction on both courses and webinars.
Prices are fairly lower with more offerings.
1st CPE Platform with AI Capabilities.


Webinars they might not fit in your schedule.
In-person trainings are missing.
GoToWebinar platform can be glitchy.
Wider variety in courses can be overwhelming.

Master - Cost effective


Offers 300+ on-demand courses.
Plenty of state-specific ethics courses available.
Affordable annual fee.
Course materials can be downloaded.


Ethics not included in annual sub.
No instructor interaction.
No course ratings or reviews available on platform.
Not a user friendly platform.

Western CPE- Cost A la carte only


More than 450 on-demand courses.
More than 60 ethics courses available.
Instructor bios available for webinars and on-demand courses.
Course materials can be downloaded.


No unlimited package option.
No instructor interaction for on-demand courses..
No course ratings or reviews available on platform.

Surgent - Great User Experience


Offers nearly 500 on-demand courses.
Webinars offered daily on a variety of topics.
Easy to use platform that is also mobile friendly.
5 different types of CPE available.


One of the more expensive platforms.
No Trials / Free Courses available.
Limited micro-certifications.
Limited firm offerings.

Check Point - Promising but lacking in value


Offers 600+ on-demand courses.
Weekly webinars on variety of topics.
3 Subscription Packages.
IRS-approved CE provider.


Some courses are simply repurposed.
Price structure is rather complicated.
Learning platform is not so Mobile friendly.
Offering limited Certification types.


Becker CPE

Illumeo CPE


Western CPE

Surgent CPE

Check Point

CPE Depot

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