Online CPE Is the Future of Accounting Professionals

November 28, 2021

The accounting profession has been evolving for a long time. In the not-so-distant past, accountants learned while on the job and learned from mentors in their firms. But now, those days are over.


To be successful as an accountant, you need more than technical knowledge and skills – you also need what’s called “professionalism.” This means that accountants must have ethical awareness and responsibility, business sophistication, management capability, and leadership skills. 


It’s no surprise that the idea of taking courses online has become a popular way to learn and grow as a professional.


Online continuing professional education is one of the most popular ways for accounting professionals to meet this demand for professionalism and stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry.

What are the benefits of CPE?

A lot of accounting professionals are choosing to take their CPE courses online. There are many benefits to taking the classes online instead of in-person:


  1. You can access your course material at any time while also fitting it into your schedule, as many online courses offer live classes and access to recordings of lectures.
  2. You save money as the costs of courses are less than those offered in person. 
  3. You work at your own pace, which means you can take the time you need to absorb information without feeling rushed or missing a lecture. 
  4. You can always ask questions or ask for help, as many online continuing professional education providers offer live webinars or office calls with the instructor.
  5. You can continue developing yourself without spending time away from your family or work commitments by learning online.

What are the drawbacks of online CPE?

Online learning requires you to work by yourself, making some individuals uncomfortable when they aren’t used to it.


You miss out on the “hands-on” experience from seminars and workshops by taking online CPE. Networking only happens online now instead of face-to-face. Those who enjoy face-to-face interactions with other students and instructors may find that time spent on the course doesn’t feel as fulfilling or impactful as if they were to attend classes in person.


Continuing education in a classroom setting might be the better choice for those still wary of taking online courses, but you do need more time and planning on your part.

Online CPE is changing the future of how accountants learn.

The idea is that accountants can take their courses online without outside help or long commutes. As more accountants turn to online classes, it will become a standard for businesses to keep their employees updated on information relevant to their fields. Along with this shift in teaching methods, technology continues to grow and allow us to do things we’ve only dreamed about before.

The future is now with online learning. Accounting professionals are taking courses at their own pace, thanks to technology. This means no more sitting in lectures or cramming for exams when it’s convenient. Online resources allow professionals to take part in interactive study groups or interact with fellow classmates online.