For those working in public accounting and private industry, there are a myriad of areas that one has to be knowledgeable about to perform his or her job at the highest level.  Fortunately there are so many types of continuing professional education (CPE) courses available that cover all of the important accounting areas.  This post will highlight some of the courses available for CPE credit that will help professionals to refresh and increase their Microsoft Excel skills toolbox.


Everyone working in business, but especially in the accounting field, knows the vital role that the Microsoft Excel program plays in the everyday.  It is hard to imagine how accounting work is completed without the use of Excel!  Fortunately there are many Excel CPE courses available to CPAs that allow them to polish up their current Excel skills and learn new ones to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their work.

Basic Skills Courses

These courses focus on introductory Excel skills that make the program easier to use.  The types of courses, perfect for a new user or to refresh a prior user, include:

  • How to format amounts in a spreadsheet
  • How to manipulate the columns and rows to work best, including freezing panes
  • How to copy and paste formulas
  • How to use keyboard shortcuts

Building Efficiencies Through Shortcuts

These courses focus on building efficiencies. The types of courses, perfect for a new user or to refresh a prior user, include:

  • Creating user-specific keyboard shortcuts
  • Learning how to sort and total data effectively
  • Customizing workbooks for the user
  • Using the Quick Access Toolbar to streamline tasks
  • Applying must-know tips, tricks and tools

Entering Data Quickly

These courses focus on learning how to enter data quickly by establishing a data entry model. The types of courses, perfect for a new user or to refresh a prior user, include:

  • How to build a summary model for the data
  • How to validate and audit the data for errors

Building Efficiencies Through Functions

These types of courses explain how to use some of the functions built into the program to provide quicker results when compiling data into useful information. These courses are developed for those users with a previous amount of Excel experience who are looking to expand the use of Excel to build efficiencies. Some of these functions include

  • IF analysis

Building Useful Financial Reports

These types of courses explain how to gather information to build useful financial reports. Some of these functions include

  • Using Pivot tables to summarize data into meaningful reports
  • Creating, editing, and formatting charts for reports and presentations
  • Building easy-to-maintain budgets

Excel On-Demand

Some of the best Microsoft Excel CPE courses are available on-demand, which is key right now as the COVID-19 pandemic keeps most professionals from attending CPE courses in person.  An on-demand course allows the attendee to pause the course, practice techniques, review material that was confusing and work through the course at their own pace, which is beneficial for learning a hands-on skill such as working with Microsoft Excel.  

Using Microsoft Excel is no longer an option in the accounting industry, as it is a key program for operating effectively and efficiently.  Fortunately there are many online and on-demand courses available that cover a very wide range of Excel topics for all skill levels.