At first glance, continuing professional education (CPE) might seem like a professional requirement that, while beneficial to individual employees, is mostly a headache for employers and a possible distraction from a company’s goals. Smart organizations, however, know how to use professional education requirements in the following ways to their advantage in order to improve employee performance and morale.

1. Stay up to date with current information and regulations

One of the most important uses of CPE is to make sure that your organization and employees are up-to-date on the most current information, laws, and guidelines that affect your work. Especially in highly-regulated fields like accounting and corporate finance, having the most current information at your fingertips is a critical part of an employee’s ability to do their job correctly and efficiently. Organizations that use professional education wisely will ensure that their employees have access to CPE platforms that offer webinars and courses that are constantly updated with the most up-to-date information that’s relevant to your employee’s professional needs.

2. Address gaps and weaknesses in employee skills and knowledge

No single employee can be an expert at everything related to their current profession. Whether your organization is large or small, smart leaders will encourage their employees to use CPE to address gaps and weaknesses in their skills and knowledge, and the best leaders lead by example. 

While it can be tempting to choose continuing education content that is familiar and therefore the easiest to complete, selecting CPE courses that challenge your skills and expand your knowledge will ultimately make you a better employee and can benefit your career. Since every employee in your organization will have different knowledge and skill needs, and those needs will change over time, the best way to ensure your employees have access to the most beneficial CPE is by providing a continuing education platform that offers a wide variety of course options.

3. Encourage employee strengths and interests

Conversely, one of the best ways to use CPE to improve your organization’s morale and increase your collective expertise is to encourage employees to take continuing education courses that align with their strengths and interests. Choosing CPE that enhances an already high-level of knowledge, skill or interest can not only increase an employee’s competency, but can also increase job confidence and satisfaction. 

If you notice an employee’s excellence or curiosity in a particular area, consider sending them suggestions for continuing education courses or webinars you think they might enjoy. Additionally, CPE can help an employee specialize in an area of interest, to ensure you have a well-balanced organization with a variety of needed professional strengths.

4. Reinforce and define company culture

Learning together can be a great way for a company to positively reinforce and define company culture. Recommending specific CPE topics or even particular courses to your employees can ensure that everyone receives similar training and knowledge. Encouraging learning about an ethics topic that is important to your company’s values, or promoting education on a cutting-edge skill or concept can signal to your employees what is important to your organization.

Knowing how to use continuing professional education to improve both a company’s expertise and culture can be beneficial and both an organizational and individual employee level. Make the most of the required CPE for yourself and your employees by choosing a CPE platform that is easy to use and offers a wide variety of options to best meet your company’s needs. CPE Compare can help you find the continuing education platform that’s right for you.