Becker Review


  • Becker CPE offers more than 680 on-demand courses.
  • There are multiple webinars offered on various topics every week.
  • Solid mobile platform to earn CPE on the go.
  • Compliance tracker included at all levels.


  • Most courses are simply repurposed webinars followed by an exam.
  • No instructor interaction for courses.
  • All Access Package/subscription is costly ($699)
  • Only 4 Certification programs available.


Becker CPE offers a strong course catalog and a large number of webinars, along with micro-certifications and a compliance monitor for all users. They also have one of the best mobile platforms we’ve seen. The downsides are that the packages are rather pricey if you want an annual subscription. While they offer micro-certifications, they cost. There is no way to communicate with instructors if you have questions, though they do offer instructor bios and free course demos.
  • 680 on-demand courses.
  • Nearly 100 webinars/webcasts a year.
  • Free course demos available.
  • 58 Ethics courses available (some state-specific).
  • CPE Compliance Tracker included at all levels.
  • Mobile platform is excellent.
  • All Access Pass is $699.
  • Lower choices in Certificates.
  • No instructor feedback loop/Q&A for on-demand courses


Becker CPE offers a variety of on-demand courses, live webinars, and micro-certifications with a better user experience.

Courses/CPE – Thousands

The platform currently has 680 on-demand courses available. Courses seem to be only available in one format, which looks to be repurposed webinars. You can download the slide decks, though that won’t provide you with all information. The review is part of the course, so there’s no skipping ahead to the final exam. Quizzes are graded immediately, so you get access to your certificates right away after completing a course. Webinars are offered one to two times a week with a good variety.

Platform/Features – Efficient

Becker CPE has a decent course platform. The courses are consistent if a little stagnant, but the mobile platform for taking courses is one of the best we’ve seen. Taking courses from your mobile device is a breeze. They also offer a free compliance tracker for all users, making it easy to track the CPE you’ve earned with them as well as other platforms. They do offer a handful of micro-certifications on topics like Microsoft Excel.

UX – One of the best

Becker CPE’s user experience is basic but effective. Finding courses is easy with multiple sorting options, including topic and length. It’s easy to find the courses you are enrolled in, as well as to pull your certificates and track your CPE for the year. The website and course platform are very mobile-friendly, a useful thing for CPAs on the go. The user dashboard is also easy to use, though we might like to see a bit more information on the home page.

Cost - Affordable

Like most platforms, individual courses are available a la carte. Courses run from ~$49-$350, depending on the number of credits each course offers. There are 3 different packages available. If you’re only interested in on-demand courses for 90 days, you can buy an annual subscription for $299 with limited number of premium courses, all access subscription is for $699. These appear to include all on-demand courses, including ethics courses (but no micro-certifications).


Becker CPE is a solid choice for individuals looking for CPE on the go, as their mobile platform is so effective. A well-known name to those who have taken the CPA exam, Becker offers more than 680 on-demand courses, including more than 45 ethics options. It’s no surprise that while they offer a solid variety, they seem to focus on accounting and auditing courses. The price for this platform is bit higher.