About Us

Who are we?

We’re people who deal with CPE year-after-year and are trying to make life easier for CPAs and other certified professionals forced to choose CPE solutions without much information to go on. We are all too familiar with the challenge of finding a good CPE solution that does what you need at a price that makes sense.

Why are we doing this?

Online Continuing Professional Education (CPE, or CE, or RCH or any of the other terms used by varying designations) is a royal pain. It’s expensive and confusing, it’s hard to find quality content and solutions, and it’s really hard to compare one solution to another. And much to our surprise, there are just no sites that make learning about and comparing CPE solutions quick and easy. You can find dozens of sites to compare that new TV you were looking at to its competition, but nothing comparing CPE solutions for CPAs and their ilk. We wanted to take our collective (some would say “type-A”) research efforts and put them online to make life easier for others.

Do we make money on ads or via referrals?

Nope. We have no advertising on the site and we get no affiliate fees (or any referral fees) when we link out to CPE platforms. In addition, we never ask for your personal info (or any info – we simply don’t collect and/or re-sell your info at all). None of that happens. Down the road, it may, but rest assured we’ll make that loud and clear, and in the meantime we’re still not collecting any of your information. All we see via our analytics tools are anonymous users coming and going from the site and we use that data to make the site better for all our users.

Do we work with partners?

No, and we don’t want to. We provide data-based reviews and the facts are collected by us and the opinions here are ours, based on our direct experience.


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