4 Qualities To Look in CPE Instructors

August 9, 2023

Most of us learn quickly from even our earliest school experiences that our teachers play a major role in the quality of learning we receive throughout our education. The importance of quality instructors continues not just through university or technical school, however, but into continuing professional education (CPE) as well. In order to find a high-quality CPE program whose courses match your continuing education needs and learning styles, consider the following qualities in professional education instructors as you compare the offerings of various CPE platforms.

1. Expertise

As you seek out the CPE platform that is the best fit for you, look for CPE taught by expert-level instructors with significant experience in the content area of the courses you need. Even a beginner-level class can benefit from the wisdom of expert instructors who understand how the basic concepts of an entry-level webinar will become the building blocks for more advanced learning in future courses.

Quality CPE platforms should offer professional education courses taught by a variety of expert instructors, not just the same handful of teachers over and over. Browsing instructor biographies on the platform website can also help you know if they have significant experience and expertise in the content areas that are most important to you.

2. Teaching Style

Just like students operate under a variety of learning styles, not all instructors teach in the same way. When you find an instructor that teaches in a style that works well for you, learning becomes easier and more enjoyable. Once you’ve identified your favorite teachers, look for CPE platforms that not only offer multiple courses taught by them, but that continue to offer new content by these quality instructors.

3. Up-to-Date Information

The best teachers are also life-long learners. Quality instructors make sure they stay up-to-date in their content areas and update their courses accordingly, rather than using the same recycled content long past its relevance. In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s important to choose CPE taught by instructors who understand and know how to apply the most current laws and policies, as well as those who teach about software and applications using the latest versions and updates.

4. Interactions

When choosing CPE courses, it’s important to know what value you place on instructor interactivity. Do you prefer reading the course content or is video instruction an important component of online learning for you? Do you do best in a live webinar when you can ask questions and receive answers in real time? Or do you prefer self-paced courses but want to be able to contact the instructor if needed? Knowing how you prefer to interact with both the CPE instructor and the material can help you find the continuing education courses and a CPE platform that is the best fit for you.

The purpose of continuing professional education is, of course, ongoing learning that is beneficial to both your current job and your future career. Finding quality CPE instructors that are experts in the content you desire and that fit best with your preferred learning styles is an important part of choosing professional education courses to complete your CPE credits. CPE Compare allows you to compare the most popular CPE platforms to find one that offers courses taught by instructors that meet your current needs.