CPE Platform Reviews


Lowest Cost


Affordable unlimited package

Low priced a la carte courses

Solid ethics course options


Limited course options

Dated website

No live webinars


WebCPE provides an incredibly affordable option if you don’t need live webinars and don’t mind reading your CPE, as all their on-demand courses are text-only. Overall, a ‘bare bones’ CPE platform if you just need the basics.


Best Overall


Over 1,100 on-demand courses

CPE Compliance Tracker

100+ live webinars a year


Limited live webinar schedule times

The webinar platform is less than perfect

Only two paid package options


Illumeo offers over 10,000 hours of CPE for 28 professional designations through on-demand courses and live webinars, though the ‘middle of the workday’ webinars may be hard to fit into your schedule.

Surgent CPE

Great User Experience


Nearly 500 on-demand courses

Multiple live webinars daily

Easy to use platform


Pricey packages

Dated course formats

No free trial or sample courses


Surgent CPE’s platform offers a healthy course catalog, daily webinars, an easy to use platform, and a good variety of CPE. The downside is that those features will cost you, as the platform offers various levels of packages. 

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